Guidance Notes

Please take the time to read through all the guidance notes prior to hiring. Click here to download a copy of the guide.


Please ask your guests to park in the Church car park, although Church events naturally take precedence. Roadside parking can be dangerous along the stretch of road outside the Hall and is NOT recommended. Parking is not available in the Old School unless by private arrangement.


There is a Vodafone booster in the building. Other providers have variable signal – some are OK outside by the War Memorial. 999 calls can always be made on any mobile under any provider.

First Aid

The First Aid box is in the kitchen next to the hatch, as is the Incident Report Book.

Keys & Doors

Access to Hall is by via the green door facing the road. Please don’t leave the keys in the lock when you are inside the building. You may wish to open the side double doors. These are opened by drawing the bolts top and bottom.
Please make absolutely certain that these are bolted again before you leave.

The disabled toilet is located just outside these doors, the key to which is on the ring you have collected. Please check this before leaving and make sure it is locked.

Please keep all exits clear to comply with fire regulations.


Please do not switch off the clearly marked mobile booster socket on the dais.


Main Hall

The heating comes on automatically every day in the winter and boiler or heater settings must NOT be altered. Should additional heat be required, the wall mounted electric heaters may be switched on. This is done by placing a £1 in the slot machine (blue box situated in the left cupboard at the far left of the Hall by the stage). Once the coin has been accepted by the machine the heater switches (to the right of the slot machine) can be switched on (one for each heater). The fewer heaters switched on, the longer the money lasts. Note the heaters do not glow red, but are nevertheless very effective.


Switch on the wall in the left hand wing of the stage.

Gurston Room

Switch on the wall by the  sink. These switches have 5 illuminated red lights. Press the switch until one light only is lit. This will programme 2 hours free heat.  For additional time just re-set the switch. To turn off, press the switch until all 5 red lights are lit again.


Hall users are requested to leave the hall as they would wish to find it.

If you need to move the piano, please lift it, or use squares of carpet (stored in the chair stack) under each wheel. Damage to the floor will be charged for. Please make sure you return all items or furniture, especially the piano, to their original place.

Decorations may be affixed to the wooden beam that runs around the top of the walls in the Main Hall, or to the picture rail in the Gurston Room. The lighting booms may be used to support hanging items at the hirer’s own risk. No sellotape or blu tack should be used on the painted walls and nothing may be attached to the stage curtains.

  • Wash, dry and put away all utensils etc that you use. Make sure ALL surfaces are clean and dry – not only in the kitchen, but also table tops and chairs.
  • Make sure dishwasher, if used, has the bung taken out and that all instructions above it have been complied with.
  • Sweep all floors and mop up spillages. Kitchen floor should be swabbed but do not wash the wooden Main Hall floor.
  • It is better to bring drying up cloths with you, otherwise you will have to take away the Hall cloths to wash and then return.
  • If you have used the fridge, please empty, unplug and leave the door ajar.
  • Please do not leave sacks of rubbish either in the Hall or outside as it attracts vermin.
  • Please take away ALL rubbish with you.

If you are having an evening party, please do not forget that you are obliged to be out of the Hall by 1am and we would cordially ask you to remember that the Hall has houses very close to it. Thank you.

Checklist for Departure

  • Make sure everything is clean and tidy, not forgetting toilets, including disabled one.
  • Make sure all lights and power points are turned off.
  • Fridge is turned off.
  • All windows and doors are closed/bolted/locked.
  • All rubbish and recycling should be removed from the Hall and outside the premises.
  • The keys are returned.
  • Damages/breakages must be reported to the Booking Clerk (07889 424896) the next day if an evening booking, or same day if day time booking.
  • The Hall reserves the right to charge for all such occurrences.

Contact Bookings Clerk:
Sue Gooden
Tel: 01722 780596


Broad Chalke Village Hall
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Broad Chalke Village Hall

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