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Our village hall is a unique centre that offers meeting rooms and a venue to stage theatre, theme nights, wedding receptions, parties and local group activities in the Chalke Valley.

COVID Update- April 2022

Following the lifting of Government regulations in February 2022 we are now running the Hall in a near normal manner with regards to its use. However, the Government have provided us with the following general guidance which applies to all our hirers and users of the Hall:

Key principles:

  1. People should stay at home if unwell.
  2. Contacts of people with COVID-19 are asked to take extra care, following general guidance on safer behaviours. Routine contact tracing ends on 24th February.
  3. Let fresh air in if meeting indoors. Opening a window for ten minutes helps. (This has also been shown to reduce risk of catching other airborne diseases such as flu).
  4. If necessary, continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces -especially where you may come into contact with other people you do not normally meet and when rates of transmission are high.
  5. Clean your hands often, avoid touching your face, nose or eyes. “Catch it, bin it, Kill it”.
  6. Respect the fact that others may wish to take a more cautious approach.

The Village Hall Management are able to accept bookings for events on the basis that potential users accept at their own risk that it may still be necessary for the Management to make cancellations of bookings at short notice if it is required to do so. In these circumstance any deposits paid will be refunded.

The Management does not accept any consequential liabilities arising from the cancellation of an event. Hence if someone books an event at the Hall which The Village Hall Management has to cancel, the resulting cost of any additional publicity to inform about the cancellation etc, or other consequential costs, must be borne by the party who makes the booking.

Visit the 'What we offer' page for further information.

Contact Bookings Clerk:
Sue Gooden
Tel: 01722 780596


Broad Chalke Village Hall
South Street
Broad Chalke

Broad Chalke Village Hall

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