Following The Line: an 8-month Eurasian triathlon, an illustrated talk by Charlie Walker

In February 2017, Charlie Walker began a nine-month, 9,000km triathlon spanning the length of the perceived border between Europe and Asia, from the midwinter snowfields of the Russian arctic to the Bosporus in Istanbul. Join us for a fascinating evening and to raise funds for Broad Chalke Village Hall

‘Following the Line’ was an 8-month endurance feat. However, much more than that, it was an exploration into what it means to be Asian or European, what divides or unites the peoples on either side of the line, and the diversity of landscape, environment, religion and culture along the border that has traditionally demarcated East and West. For more than two millennia, geographers and theologians have drawn arbitrary lines to divide ‘enlightened’ Europe from ‘barbarous’ Asia and to differentiate between ‘us’ and ‘them.’ In reality, however, the divide between Europe and Asia is simply conceptual; a European academic construct.

During this expedition, Charlie and Callie (his American expedition partner) experienced temperatures as low as -40˚C, several arrests, the threat of bears, and the challenges of survival in some of the world’s remotest and most inhospitable landscapes.

Saturday 11th November at 7.30 pm with Prosecco and Eats

Illustrated Talk by Charlie Walker from 8 pm, closing at 9 pm

Tickets: £12 including a glass of Prosecco and eats, available at the Hub Broadchalke or from Committee members.